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Hi I’m Simone and have been dieting on and off for over 10 years now. About a year ago a friend of mine showed me a newspaper article about a new super food, the ‘acai berry’. I read it and it sounded too good to be true. Always the sceptic I ignored it and continued with my usual day to day life.

My friend on the otherhand didn’t ignore it. She started to consume the acai berry as part of her diet. Six months later I met her at a party and she looked terrific. Not only had she lost weight but her complexion had also improved. She ‘glowed’ and was the life of the party. It was on the way home that she asked me if I remembered the acai berry article she’d shown me. I said I did and she said that she’d been using it for the last six months. Obviously the acai berry had a lot going for it.

The next day I started to Google the acai berry and was bombarded with articles, products and heaven’s knows what. I was lost as to what was good or bad about the berry and what to do. Should I buy acai berry juice or should I take suppliments? If so, what suppliments? What juice? Where should I buy it? Who was reputable and who was out to con me? Was the acai berry really as good as it seemed?

With all these questions I decided to investigate further. This website is the result of my endeavors. I’ve even got a scientist friend to review one of the products I found that stood out above all the hype. You can read his article here (his words – not mine!)

Overtime I hope to have a comprehensive site about the latest superfood, the Amazonian acai berry. I hope you like what I’ve written and feel free to contact me with any suggestions/ideas I could use to improve my site.



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