Acai Berry Juice is Unhealthy!

Healthy Body

Healthy Body

Wow, a little bit of a contradiction to what I’ve written before. Here I am recommending you buy acai berry juice and the next moment I’m saying, yeah, but, it’s really unhealthy for you!

So, which is which? Is acai berry juice good for you or is acai berry juice bad for you? If you search the internet you’ll get a lot of sites saying acai berry is the golden grail. On the otherhand you’ll find just as many telling you acai berry is a scam and that websites, such as this, are out to con you. Well, most subjects have two sides.

You know my side. I’m for acai berry. It’s a natural product. In fact you really can’t get more natural than fruit. I mean, it contains nothing articifial whatsoever. How can it? It’s a fruit! It’s 100% natural. So why then is acai berry juice unhealthy?

Well, it’s down to this article, Unhealthiest Juices in America, I found. Briefly, what it says is this. When you turn a fruit into fruit juice: You still have the flavor, but you don’t have the grit, the substance, the power. Even the very best fruit juice isn’t as nutritious as the fruit it originally came from, because the fiber that makes a piece of fruit so filling has been stripped away: Instead of filling your belly like an apple or an orange, juice just passes through your gastrointestinal tract like a little stream of sugar.

You can read the full article, where they review a variety of American juices. But the main substance is just that. Juice, is fruit without the pulp. No pulp, no content. Non of the great stuff that fills you up, gives you loads of nutrients and various benefits. Drinking acai berry juice is okay, but eating acai berry whole is so much more nutritional. Full of antioxidants and healthy fats that can assist you in a weightloss and dieting.

The problem is that it’s very difficult obtaining acai berries outside of Brazil because as soon as they’re picked they degenerate and lose all the nutritional value. That’s why, ideally, if you drink acai pulp, or better still, freeze dried acai berry then you really are getting the full benefits of the acai berry.

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