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Acai Berry Juice is Unhealthy!

Healthy Body

Healthy Body

Wow, a little bit of a contradiction to what I’ve written before. Here I am recommending you buy acai berry juice and the next moment I’m saying, yeah, but, it’s really unhealthy for you!

So, which is which? Is acai berry juice good for you or is acai berry juice bad for you? If you search the internet you’ll get a lot of sites saying acai berry is the golden grail. On the otherhand you’ll find just as many telling you acai berry is a scam and that websites, such as this, are out to con you. Well, most subjects have two sides.
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Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Juice?

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

“Where can I buy Acai Berry Juice?” is a question many friends ask me. They know I run this website and they know I’ve researched heavily many of the acai berry brands. I think a lot of them expect to walk into the chilled drinks section of their local supermarket or corner shop and pick up a bottle or tetrapack of acai berry juice. I’ve even seen them walk up to one of the shelf stackers and ask, “Can I buy acai berry juice in your drinks section or do you stock it somewhere else?” Do they read my website? I think they glance at it. I think they’ve heard about it and think it’s a great idea. But I don’t think they have the time to really find out.

So Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Juice?

I tell them time and time again to read the post, Why You Can’t Buy Acai Berry Juice in the Supermarket, but do they? Of course not. Continue Reading »

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