What is Acai?

Found primarily in the Brazilian part of the Amazonian rainforest, acai berries have been used for centuries by tribes for medicinal purposes. They are Easily recognisable for their dark purple colouring and grape-like shape. Acai berries consist of 10% skin/pulp and 90% seed.

To eat this fruit though is said to be an enlightening experience, offering a mixture of flavours resembling numerous fruits and a hint of chocolate.

Acai Berry History

Since its recent media appearances on ABC, NBC and CBS news acai berry may be considered the latest dietary fad to hit the market. Everyone (and that includes a multitude of Hollywood Stars) is going out to buy acai berry juice, powders and pills. But the properties of acai berry have been utilised long before this date.

For centuries acai berries have played an integral part in Brazilian herbal medicine:

  • Seeds (once crushed) are believed in the Peruvian Amazon to cure fever
  • Fruit rind – used as a treatment for skin ulcers
  • Root infusion – used primarily to treat jaundice but when taken as a decoction of the root, it can also help treat: malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, hair loss, liver and kidney disease, haemorrhages, menstrual and muscle pain
  • Oil of the fruit – used to treat diarrhoea

In certain parts of Columbia, acai berry (known there as naiad) is used in beverages, desserts, ice cream, energy drinks and even in breakfast cereals.

Acai Berry in the media

Featured on ABC, CBS and the Oprah Winfrey show, news of acai berries numerous health benefits has been global. In Dr Perricone’s book “The Perricone Promise”, acai berry was quoted as being the #1 Superfood offering consumers not only a delicious berry but 10-30 times the antioxidants found in grapes.

In fact, acai berry is the most nutrient dense berry on the market, offering consumers the promise of:

  • Boosted energy and stamina levels
  • Bolstered immunity and protection against heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  • Protection against inflammation and aging
  • Fast, immediate weight loss
  • Increased libido

Acai Berry in your diet

Enriched in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and amino acids, it is easy to see why acai berry is being proclaimed as the new weight loss fad. Research of this exotic fruit has discovered that many of its key ingredients can contribute to appetite suppression, increased metabolism as well as offer you increased muscle definition and tone.

Essentially all the tools you need to experience lasting, successful weight loss.

Acai Berry weight loss products

Despite the scientific evidence supporting this lucrative fruit, many companies – in their quest to harness acai berries media recognition as a Superfood – are not carefully harvesting this fruit. As a result, many of acai berries nutrients are lost during processing.

Part of the problem stems from the berry being highly perishable. If not processed correctly acai berry can spoil (and lose it potency) within 24 hours of being harvested. You can buy acai berry juice, but if the berries have been lying around and not immediately processed then all the nutirents will have been lost. The key products to avoid for poor processing are products which use spray drying and drum drying. The intensity of this heat destroys most of the berries natural nutrients, making it useless against weight loss.

Similarly you should be wary of acai berry products which include other ingredients in their production creation. The inclusion of other juices, sugars and caffeine can minimise the quantity of acai berry you receive, reducing your success rates.

For real quality weight loss results, the only recommendation I can make is to invest in acai berry products that have used flash freezing to preserve their berries. This is notably the safest and surest way to make sure you are receiving 100% pure, unaltered acai berry that is produced to the highest grading.

But what should you buy. Acia berry juice may sound good but a lot of the beneficial components (such as the pulp and skin) will be absent from the finished product. A smoothie is a lot more nutritional than a fruit juice. Hence a product which includes all the berry, except the seed, will have all the nutrients intact.

There are a few products on the market that do do this. I’ve reviewed a number and one that I think is really good is Pure Acai Berry. This is a 100% pure and organic acai berry product. Very few acai berry products come close. Even fewer include the proof of their authenticity:

  • Certificates of analysis and purity
  • Quality assured, produced in CGMP facilities
  • Powerful antioxidant support – highest ORAC rating

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