Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Juice?

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

“Where can I buy Acai Berry Juice?” is a question many friends ask me. They know I run this website and they know I’ve researched heavily many of the acai berry brands. I think a lot of them expect to walk into the chilled drinks section of their local supermarket or corner shop and pick up a bottle or tetrapack of acai berry juice. I’ve even seen them walk up to one of the shelf stackers and ask, “Can I buy acai berry juice in your drinks section or do you stock it somewhere else?” Do they read my website? I think they glance at it. I think they’ve heard about it and think it’s a great idea. But I don’t think they have the time to really find out.

So Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Juice?

I tell them time and time again to read the post, Why You Can’t Buy Acai Berry Juice in the Supermarket, but do they? Of course not. They want the quick fix. The quick diet solution. They want to sit back and someone pour pure acai berry juice down their open mouths. Well, life isn’t that simple. These things take time. Dieting takes time. Acai Berries may be brilliant diet aids but you need to take suppliments regularly over a period of weeks to see results. The results are great, but it doesn’t happen in a day.

So is the search for Acai Berry Juice. If my friends took a plane ride to Rio de Janerio and went into a bar and said, “Garçom, where can I buy acai berry juice?” Then the waiter would problem say, “Here” and bring them a glass of the berry juice.

But acai berries do not travel well. Within 24hrs of being picked they will lose nearly all of their nutritional value and it is for this and their detox abilities that they are consumed. Hence it is not so easy, outside Brazil, to obtain pure acai berry juice.

Pure Acai Berry Capsules

Pure Acai Berry Capsules

I often recommend that my friends instead purchase freeze dried acai berry products. After all, my friends are not really interested in the taste of the acai berry. What they are really interested in is its diet and detox capabilites.

I regularly take PureAcaiBerry suppliments which come in capsule form. These are easy to swallow capsules which contain organic freeze dried acai berry powder. (I insist on organic, anything other than organic is a false economy.)

They are contained in sterilized plastic foil so are always in perfect condition when consumed. I will always have a sheet of pills in my handbag if I’m ever away from home. Also, on days when my energy levels are not quite up to it, taking an extra pill or two really uplifts me for the rest of the day. And you can’t really overdose either, they are after all, only naturally occurring acai berries that happen to have been freeze dried.

Even when I recommend these pills, my friends still ask, “Where can I buy Acai Berry Juice?” Do they ever listen to a word I say? I do have an answer, and that is for them to buy Amazon Thunder. This company produces acai berry pulp juice. It is organic and they also support the local natives. It comes in bottle or sachet form.

The only downside is that it is only available in the USA and that once you open the bottle you really need to drink it before it goes off. This can be expensive, but it is nice to have some in the fridge for a treat. Day to day I take PureAcaiBerry capsules, they really are the best on the market and when you do the sums, they are as cheap, if not cheaper than all their competitors.

So when my friends say, “Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Juice?” I tell them. Do they listen. I think they do. They’re all looking brighter, healthier and slimmer. And they all have a sheet of little brown capsules in their handbags!

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Posted on March 5th 2010 in acai berry juice

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